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Travel Destination in the USA

Depending on my next internship will be my major travel destination….As of now, it will be Los Angeles, California or Virginia/ DC Area.  Both are excellent places to Travel.  If I receive the internship in LA, some spots I will like to visit will be Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and some beaches of course. But the trip to LA, will be based more on some educational spots. Like the California Afro-American Muesum, Los Angeles Fire Department African-American Firefighter Museum, and many more places!!!! This is the one of the pictures for the fire department


IT’s Friday!!!

Yay!!!!!! It’s Friday!!!! I can’t help but think about the next vacation that I will take. It’s a small one but a vacation nonetheless…Since coming to college, I have traveled to sooo many places. To name a few, New Orleans, New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, Daytona Beach, and Orlando. I also have traveled outside the country. I went to the UK and had a very enlightening experience with my cousin. Traveling will open so much for the soul

Hello world!

Hello Everyone!!! My name is Cymone and I plan on using this blog to explain my passion for traveling and learning new cultures. The venue I use for traveling would actually be my edcuation. Through different internships, conferences, and job opportunity I am able to travel anywhere with minimal money.